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Build native web-apps

  • Package your HTML5 and ES6 with our browser engine
  • No other browser or remote server connection is needed
  • Build single file apps for Android, Linux, or Windows
  • Access the file system. Call shared library functions
  • Build apps as small as 5MB including browser and content
  • Obfuscate or encrypt your scripts and images
  • Under development: macOS and iOS apps

Develop Android apps

  • A few easy clicks to build, install, and launch an app
  • Does not require Android SDK, uses ADB if available
  • Requires no knowledge or skills other than simple HTML
  • Build APK files smaller than 3MB (with browser engine)
  • Include your own shared libraries compiled for ARM
  • Develop apps within Android using our Android IDE
  • Coming soon: Android API through JavaScript

HTML page editor

  • Develop and debug your app in our IDE
  • Syntax coloring and end-tag matching
  • Scrollmap shows breakpoints and highlights
  • Extended HTML features for native apps
  • Extended JavaScript API for native apps
  • Also renders EJS and PHP templates

Javascript debugger

  • Line by line script debugging
  • Step into and out of functions
  • Navigate the function call stack
  • Inspect variables and property trees
  • Click error to jump to and edit the line

Document inspector

  • Inspect your HTML document tree
  • Mouseover and click to select an element
  • Shows selected element styles and properties
  • The browser tab shows margins and padding
  • Click to open and edit the HTML and CSS

Free and easy

  • Free for personal or business use
  • No trial period, no feature locks, no registration
  • No spyware, no adware, no data collection